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Extract from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Remission - Facts 2012

Welcome to the revised CFIDS page (formerly at ).

This site is under re-construction, starting on Nov 25th, 2001. The pages are largely point-notes of research on various topics.

The model that I use is that CFIDS is a Hughes Syndrome Infection that goes chronic + inherited/acquired coagulation defect as the base. MCS is an immune response (caused by overactive immune system) to various chemicals and happens to the % of people that do not have the classic allergy reaction, but a coagulation response. This is further complicated by nutrient deficiencies that cripples the body's immune system effectiveness.

 Almost all of the symptoms of CFIDS, MCS can be explained as (real) brain trauma due to blood flow irregularities (probable cause is coagulation) or actual chronic infections. FM pain points have been identified as blood flow deficiencies.

 MCS is a coagulation cascade triggered by the "mis-identification" of chemicals as infections by an upregulated immune system. This up-regulation is due to the response to a chronic infection.

This means looking for THE disease or THE condition is useless. There are several possible infection, any one of which would suffice. There are many coagulation defects (15% still not testable), any one of which will suffice.

In my opinion, the majority of CFIDS appear to be a variation of acquired Hughes Syndrome [ Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS)] complicated with a genetic coagulation defect. This model probably applies to many auto-immune illness - such as Lupus. The APS is likely caused by one or more infections. Symptom relief can be obtained from APS treatment, stopping the APS means treating the infections (which can be very persistent). An alternative description of the problem is Chronic Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation.

Malassimilation of nutrients produces a series of deficiencies which compound recovery -- in the US and the UK, vitamin D deficiency appears to be the most significant deficiency.


Infection --> Antibodies ---> Coagulation ---> Stick Blood ---> Poor Oxygen Delivery, possible minor clots in the brain.



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