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Source of Information

Note: Clicking on these icons will take you to the source in a new window.

  •  books2c or - A reference from a scientific journal
  •  book08b or - An alleged reference from a knowledgeable source. In general, no scientific publication has occurred and the information may be false because of misinterpretation (no peer review) or may be the result of a placebo effect. Remember: if you believe it will help, the change of mental attitude may make it work!
  • - indicates anecdotal information -- that is an experience from one or more individuals. This runs the highest risk of being an incorrect interpretation.
  •     indicates my (or my family) personal experience that helped at least one of us significantly.


  •     Herbal or naturally occurring substance - no prescription
  •     Prescription Medication
  •     Offshore (non-US) medication (item is not available in the US, recognized as safe elsewhere (although it may be a prescription drug) and may be legally imported into the US for personal use only)

Conditions Effected

  •     Antibacterial or Antivirial
  •     Anti-coagulation (thins blood)


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