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Disease Model
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A model is a representation of a process that:

  • explains observations
  • makes predictions that can be tested.

A model may be very different from reality -- but if the predictions are correct, it is referred to as a good model. From the work of David Berg, Cecile Jadin and others, I derived a model that agrees with observations of my family and which (most importantly) has lead to suggestions for treatments that has resulted in full remission or very significant reversal for four members of my family, and for other CFIDS sufferers who sees our MD

The 'truth of the model' is not important, the treatment that leads to recover is important. This branch of the web looks at as implied version of this model. The model is that CFIDS is a variant of Hughes Syndrome ( or chronic Chronic Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation) compounded by other factors.

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