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Recuperat-ion is a patented preparation of minerals which was created by Alfred Blaisi to recover from CFIDS. It appears to have significant positive effects for many CFIDS patients and the author advocates that all CFIDS patients obtain 40 packets(2 boxes) and try it for 30 days as follows:

  • days 1-20: 1 per day
  • days 20-30: 2 per day

    To determine if they respond to this mixture. If so, continue onwards with it. It may be order from Spain thru:

Recommendation for approach:

  • Slowly increase Vitamin D (D3) to 4000 IU/day before starting this
    • Record body temperature immediately before taking it, and 1 hr after
  • Add in Recuperat-ion
    • Record body temperature immediately before taking it, and 1 hr after
    • Both Vitamin D and Recuperat-ion will cause a rise of body temperature (especially for those with below normal body temperatures from CFIDS).

Science Behind This:

The theory is that the balanced ratio of ions (and possibly pH) has a significant impact on the cell's ion channels causing the cell to behave different (and possibly changing the immune response). The following links gives some of the background.

Resources In Spanish:


"A clinical test performed by the Clínica Ruber of Madrid has revealed that a dietetic product can give relief to patients suffering from Fibromyalgia, a disease that has no known efficient treatment and which affects women in working age . Fibromyalgia, a pathology that, in Spain alone, affects one million people approximately, consists in a set of muscular upsets, causing pain and fatigue, jointly with to other symptoms and disorders.

The test was performed during six months under Doctors Karin Freitag and Nelly Albesa and was conducted on three groups of patients. An improvement was noticed in two of them, 60 people in total, who took the product called Recuperat-ion, which has been available for the past two years as a dietetic complement , not a medicine. The origin of this test goes back to the formula elaborated five years ago by Alfred Blasi, a 37-year-old Catalan data processor who suffered from Fibromyalgia, and having no satisfactory answers from doctors, dedicated himself to investigate on his own on his disease, and was able to cure himself with this substance. Blasi who suffered from an acute case of Fibromyalgia, then passed all his discoveries to scientists, and donated investigation any possible economic profit of his findings. Dr. Nelly Albesa, who heads the pain unit in the clinic, said the product, according to tests, produced an improvement in weariness, pain and fatigue symptoms of the Fibromyalgia, but remarked that it has not been demonstrated that it cures the illness. "it is not a cure all" she stated.

The conclusions of the test indicate that the product "can be useful as a complementary nutritional therapy along with a physical rehabilitation and pharmacological therapy for Fibromyalgia patients".  Albesa, an expert in pain therapy , was cautious and repeated that "one doesn't have to give false hopes ". She also explained that in the selection of the patients treated in this test, those with additional pathologies were excluded. The study centred on those patients especially afflicted by pain and fatigue. The product is a dietetic drink composed by sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and glucose, which have not developed secondary effects. Karin Freitag, a rheumatologist, explained that the product has demonstrated to be more effective than the customary treatments with anti-depressives, and muscular looseners. However, she warned that "the trial cannot be considered as a scientific discovery" and that the product is not a "magic solution". "



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