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Hyde cites difficulty counting backwards in 7's. The process is simple but requires another person to do it with the patient:

Pick a number around 140, and then ask person to count backwards in 7s until 0. 
  • Record the seconds that it took,
  • Record the number of mistakes

It is best not to inform the person of the results immediately, simply record it.

After this BASE LINE, add is a non-prescription supplement for a week. and retest each day.... After a week, see if it makes a difference. Sit down with the person and go through the daily changes.

My suggestion for the first supplement to try, is an aspirin (325 mg) with each meal -- after 7 days[go over to grape seed extract].

This was the approach that I did when I started supplements, slow scientific approach with some objective evidence to work from... instead of "feeling better" or "feeling worst" (or not remember how you felt!).


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